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South America

With the highest peaks, to the most beautiful valleys, South America is a land of wonder. Plan Your Next Visit TOday


From the Great Pyramids to treasures of the natural preserves in Africa, an experience you won't forget awaits.

Australia / New Zealand

Visitors are drawn to the majestic Great Barrier Reef, the stunning Uluru in the heart of the Red Centre, and the vibrant cities of Sydney and Melbourne, Fiordland National Park, the geothermal wonders of Rotorua, and Queenstown, set against the backdrop of the Southern Alps.


From the great wall of China to the famed Pagoda of Kyoto


Cruises throughout the World


Visit the unknown and make an unforgettable trip possible.


Travel To Visit The Old World

North America

Visit North America & the Carribean

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An Escorted Group Departure with world-renowned shark experts Chris and Monique Fallows. 

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From Cairo to Cape Town, Explore the Endless Beauty of Africa

Explore the ancient wonders of Egypt, barter in the Medinas of Morocco, soak up the sun with your toes in the sand for some R&R in Zanzibar or the Seychelles, traverse the otherworldly dunes and shipwrecks of Namibia or island hop the white sand beaches of Mozambique by traditional dhow boat. The ‘Mother City’ of Cape Town should not be missed, nor the ‘smoke that thunders’ at Victoria Falls or authentic cultural interactions of untouched tribes throughout the continent.

Ocean, River, and Expedition Cruises

Make the most of your leisure time with the ability to visit multiple destinations in a short span of time while only needing to unpack once! From large vessels with high guest-to-staff ratios, fine dining and resort-like amenities to river cruises with inland passage to expedition cruises visiting off the beaten path locations, travelers are spoilt for options.

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Revisit Ancient Cultures and the Romance of South America

Home to Machu Picchu and the Carnival Festival, South America has a rich and diverse cultural history that exudes a certain flare. Take in a Tango lesson at it’s birthplace of Buenos Aires or venture further afield to Easter Island.  Navigate the Amazon in search of exotic wildlife or head to the remote south of Argentina and Chile to the impossibly beautiful Patagonia. Follow the path of Darwin with a Galapagos Cruise or venture into the mesmerizing Uyuni Salt Flats of Bolivia. Don’t forget to spend a little time on the famous beaches of Rio or a trek to the cascading Iguazu Falls.

Explore the massive Melting Pot of North America

North America holds a treasure trove of unique travel opportunities. Northern Lights, National Parks teeming with wildlife and some of the best beaches in the world don’t require flights halfway around the world. Buzzing and vibrant cities are contrasted by vast expanses of natural beauty. Whether  you’d prefer to taste your way through the world class wines of Sonoma, ski the Rocky Mountains, visit a traditional dude ranch with the family, take a dip with the famous swimming pigs of Exuma or take in a Broadway show in Manhattan, the Meltiing Pot that is North America has something for everyone.

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Walk Amongst Living History and Taste your way through Europe

Where every building holds a story and every café a delectable treat, Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations for good reason.  There is a foreign familiarity for many travelers who are able to directly trace their lineage back to an area of Europe. Incredible food, wine, museums and shopping perfectly compliment the beautiful scenery and history of the region. As Audrey Hepburn famously stated, “Paris is always a good idea”. Similarly, the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Medieval Castles of the U.K. and Oktoberfest in Germany are perennially popular choices, but there is always more to see and do. Don’t overlook the Azores off the coast of Portugal, the fjords or Norway or a gulet cruise along the coast of Croatia.

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Head Down Under to Australia and New Zealand

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers with extremely welcoming hospitality, the Aussies and Kiwis never disappoint. The long distance of travel is heavily rewarded with lush landscapes, hearty food and a wide range of outdoor pursuits. The Sydney Opera house is an instantly recognizable icon and you can’t leave Australia without visiting some kangaroos, practicing the didgeridoo and diving Great Barrier Reef. Catch some waves at Bondi Beach and be sure to take one of the most scenic drives in the world down the Great Ocean Road. Across the pond is Queenstown nestled between Lake Wakatipu and the snowy peaks of the Remarkables. Hiking, jet boating, white water rafting and all manner of adventure activities can be found easily among scenery so beautiful and unique that The Lord of The Rings films were shot exclusively in New Zealand which hosts both glaciers and beautiful beaches.

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The Orient, a Sprawling Land of Hidden Gems in Asia

The largest continent on Earth could warrant a lifetime of exploration. Checking off a few wonders of the world at the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal will only scratch the surface.  Cruise the picturesque islands Ha Long Bay, learn about the ways of Buddhism and the Shaolin monks or trek Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan. View the Teracotta Warriors in China or take to the sky in Myanmar at the Balloon Festival of Bagan. Modern cities like Seol and Tokyo are bright and brilliant with an incredible vibe, but some may prefer a more historic perspective at Angkor Wat or perhaps the Hanging Gardens of Bali or Snow Leopard trekking in the Himalayas for the most intrepid.

Pristine and Pure, the Arctic and Antarctica

 Rugged and Remote, the polar regions of our planet remain two of the most unexplored. Breathtaking scenery and a wide range of unique wildlife encounters await travelers prepared to embark on a land, air and sea adventure. Home to polar bears, penguins, narwhals, whales and reindeer amongst glaciers, fjords and tundras where the Northern Lights dance; a truly magical experience awaits those with an intrepid heart.